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Q: Who Is Far East Summit and what was its original purpose?
A: Far East Summit was formed out of a genuine desire to empower a company to produce products using the integrated knowledge of the Chinese Herbal Tradition with modern bio-medical technical research. With over 60 years of combined experience in Chinese Medicine, Natural health care and herbal manufacturing the owners-employees of Far East Summit are honored to be producing safe, effective and highly sophisticated herbal formulas along with supporting the presentation and authentic Dao Earth traditional wisdom and teaching.

Q: Can anyone order Far East Summit products?
A: All Far East Summit, Lifegate Clinical, Lifegate Health, Mountain Way and Dao Earth Traditions product lines are available to health care practitioners, clinics, health related businesses** and students of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Proof of licensure, certification, student identification, or retail resale number is required to establish a professional account. In addition, Far East Summit produces a number of products that are also available to the non-professional consumer and can be easily found within the non-restricted sections of our website.
**Retail businesses are required, in writing, to confirm that a licensed practitioner is on staff at all times.

Q: Can I distribute Far East Summit products?
A: Yes. More info here >>

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Q: How can I find the appropriate use for a product, formula, herb?
A: By law, Far East Summit can not provide health related claims about its products. Please check with your licensed practitioner or qualified retailer for more information. Also, our new website presents links (hyperlink here to our Links page) to searchable databases regarding books and reference materials about Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbs that may have the information you need.

Q: If I can't order herbs from you directly, where can I order them?
A: Our website provides links to reputable distributors and searchable directories that provide practitioner information in your area.

Q: How long do I have to take the herbs for before I feel the affects?
A: First, it depends upon the herbs and formulas that are being consumed. Some herbs work very quickly, such as powerful Qi Tonics, while others build the systems and functions of the body over time. Generally herbs are not a quick fix like prescription drugs. They are not meant to act like a band aid and relieve a symptom, but are designed to get to the core and support the body's own ability to heal the cause.

The health and constitution of the person taking the herbs is essential. Healthy persons with strong constitutions may feel the affects of herbs/herbal formulations faster than someone who has been ill, sedentary or making unwise lifestyle choices. Changing lifestyle habits; adding light to moderate exercise, a diet based on proper nutrition, and some type of meditation (to routinely calm the spirit) will be not only beneficial for the efficacy of the herbs but a tremendous asset toward health and longevity.

Compliance & patience are necessary ingredients of any herbal regimen and lifestyle change. Herbs need to be taken as prescribed…herbal solids, essence and nutrients are prime factors to getting your body to begin its work.

Q: If I am pregnant, am I able to consume your herbal products?
A: Taking any herbal product, starting any new herbal regimen, or any lifestyle change should only be undertaken after consulting with your licensed healthcare practitioner. All of our liquid herbal products are manufactured using grain alcohol, so caution should always be used during pregnancy. However, most of our herbal products are safe to consume and have, traditionally, nourished the mother and baby during and after pregnancy. Blood Tonic and Qi formulas are an excellent way to build nutrients and return energy to the body.

Q: Is it safe to take the herbal supplements with prescription or over the counter drugs?
A: The majority of herbs can be categorized as foods and in most cases the answer is yes. In some instances it is best not to mix herbs or supplements with prescription drugs. The recent emergence of blood thinning herbs/anti coagulant prescription drugs has raised major issues with a variety of drugs, vitamins & supplements including herbs. Caution should always be your guide and if you are on medication it is essential to consult your licensed healthcare practitioner prior to taking anything to insure safety and compatibility.

Q: Where Are Your Products Made?
A. All products (*except for Luminous, see below), are manufactured in our company-owned Far East Summit production facility. We are a USFDA registered facility that is licensed by Lane County, Oregon and the State of Oregon Department of Agriculture. Click here for more information>>

*Luminous - Hydrolyzed Pearl Extract formula is produced in a certified manufacturing facility in Mainland China under strict quality controls and under the supervision of Far East Summit. Each bulk production run is shipped directly to Far East Summit with a Certificate of Analysis and batch lot number record. The product is quarantined while all documentation is verified and the extract is inspected. Far East Summit sends a sample of the bulk extract for additional microbial and heavy metal lab analysis. Upon receiving an approved lab result the bulk extract is packaged for sale.

Q. How Are Dosages Determined?
A. Adequate dosage is always an issue when taking herbal supplements. Each body reacts differently. Some bodies don't react at all to herbal supplement and others can be extremely stimulated. The recommended dosage indicated on our products is 1-3 capsules twice a day. However, we urge each person to search their own bodies and determine what dosage is right. All Far East Summit products are formulated to be safe and effective.

Q. I Know About Individual Chinese Herbs And Know They Work. Why Should I Use A Formula?
A. Unlike western medicine, which generally treats the specific disease or malady, the very basis of TCM is the balance it brings to the body. The diagnosis of a trained professional involves looking at one's whole system and determining where the imbalance is occuring. Far East Summit formulas work in the same manner; our formulas achieve a "perfect" balance of mixed herbs. Some herbs warm, some cool, some moisten, others dry. The expert herbal knowledge of Far East Summit and our familiarity with current research help us to formulate and produce the most effective formulas possible.

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Q. What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
A. Traditional Chinese Medicine (often referred to as "TCM") developed over thousands of years to create a personal and individual approach to health care. It is one of the oldest and most proven healing systems in the world. TCM requires tremendous reliance on the individual to understand and maintain their own health through diet, mental and physical exercise, and meditation. Once the person is able to recognize their own selves, then they can truly work with their doctor when the need arises.

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Q: How do I determine a standard dose of liquid extract or liquid concentrate?
A: Answer coming soon

Q: Although infrequently, why do I notice some products look or taste different from a previous product that I have gotten in the past from Far East Summit?
A: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) of Far East Summit require quarantine, document review and organileptic analysis of all herbal and raw materials received into our manufacturing facility to ensure quality and accuracy. It is the nature of herbs and botanical materials that make them unique…herbs can be substantially different even though they have been identified as the same genus/species, etc. Climate, soil, human nature are just some items that can contribute to the differences.  

Q: How does Far East Summit determine whether its herbs are clean?
A: Coming soon

Q: Do you custom manufacture? Can I have formulas made?
A. Yes. Find out more about our Contract Manufacturing/Private Label services here.
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See our Terms & Conditions page for details.

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Q: I am a licensed practitioner and would like to send product(s) directly to a patient. Is this possible? Can you send me the invoice to me?
A: Yes. At no additional charge, Far East Summit’s drop-ship service is available to send any of our (or our affiliates) products to anyone you specify. You must have an existing Far East Summit account; as your account will be charged and the invoice will be mailed directly to you.

Q: Do you offer free shipping?
A: Far East Summit is pleased to offer Free UPS Ground Shipping* on all orders over $225 (after applicable discounts/credits) placed from anywhere in the continental United States.
* Available to customers within the Continental United States only. AK and HI customers please contact the Order Desk for current rates.
Q: What is the Far East Summit policy regarding products not received on the original order?
A: Unless prior arrangements have been made, Far East Summit does not back order products that were unavailable with your original order. We ask that you include any out-of-stock products with your next order.
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Far East Summit, LLC is committed to protecting the privacy, accuracy and confidentiality of your personal information of persons who visit and use to the fullest extent possible, subject to provisions of state and federal law the personal information. This privacy statement applies to all information collected by the site or submitted for use in connection with the site and is part of the Terms and Conditions for use of the site.. Continued >>

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