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Far East Summit: Refined Herbal Medicinals | Medicine is the Art of Humanity
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The Art of Refining Herbal Medicinals

The dictionary defines ART as “a skill acquired by experience, study, or observation.”

At Far East Summit, our art is refining herbal medicinals. The origins of our inspiration springs from the Sages of Asia thousands of years ago as reflected in the herbal tradition, Dao Di Yao Cai. We utilize this ancient herbal art in the sourcing and careful selection of our herbs.

To appropriately process such carefully selected herbs, we have developed our own distinct proprietary Golden Pearl extraction methodology, resulting in our Dao Earth product lines produced according to cGMP standards. This offers a bridge to the history, authenticity, and efficacy of Asian Medicine as it takes root in the West.

 About our Sourcing

 About our Golden Pearl extraction process

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