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Education & Resources

Educational Events

Far East Summit's Lifegate Institute features Dragon Spring Living Arts Honoring Tradition which offers an opportunity to study and learn traditional internal cultivation and medicine arts from authentic lineages.

We also wish to support healing in the community by providing links to selected authentic wisdom and medicine teachings listed under Dao Earth Events listed below.


Dragon Spring Living Arts
Honoring Tradition


Retreats led by Master Hyunmoon Kim for unifying body-mind-spirit

These Teachings on the Way have been preserved by Mountain Hermits for thousands of years and are now being offered to modern Western society by Master Hyunmoon Kim—for personal healing and self-reliance, for strengthening our communities, and for the preservation of the Way for future generations.

SunDo Mountain Taoist retreats includes intensive SunDo practices and clinics with more detailed instruction on the practice, plus evening talks & meditations, and workshops.


Dao Earth EVENTS
Education in the Community for Healing

Primordial Limitless Gate School (Xiantianwujimen)
Eva Wong, 19th generation lineage carrier and Daoist Scholar, teaches qi gong techniques to build the foundation for sitting meditation. The techniques favored by this lineage include self-massage, tendon-changing, calisthenics, marrow-washing, and breath regulation. Teaching schedule >>

Shang Han Lun Seminars
Advanced Training Program by Dr. Arnaud Versluys based on the Medical Classics that includes a classically based pulse system, diagnostic training and herbal strategies. CEU & PDA Credits.

Feng Shui Teachings
Eva Wong is a lineage holder of the Hsüan-k'ung (Mysterious Subtleties) school of traditional Chinese feng-shui as well as a practitioner of the San-yüan (Three Periods) and San-ho (Three Combinations) schools.


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