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A Personal Message From Far East Summit

On behalf of all of us at Far East Summit, let me personally welcome you and Thank You for visiting our new website and online home.

Even though our new website brings some exciting and real changes to Far East Summit, it has not changed the Vision, Commitment or Credo upon which our company was founded. In 1998, our very first catalog recognized that we all live in a real world with real challenges…nothing has changed.

Our View:
Understanding that health is dependent upon lifestyle and recognizing the Original Medicine that is within each of us.

Our Commitment:
To serve an ever-developing natural medicine health care system with authentic, quality and effective herbal products.

Our Living Credo:
This company exists to alleviate pain and disease, to cultivate and improve life. Every action shall be measured by our success in achieving these goals.

I want to particularly mention the About Us and Education sections of our new site. They are packed with all kinds of information that expands upon our above Vision, Commitment and Credo with both original and time-honored work, philosophy, wisdom and related links. Please take the time and browse around. I know you will find inspiration and will want to come back.

The launch of the new web site introduces the Far East Summit Dao Earth Family of Products and Services. We are honored to be able to expand the Far East Summit family and present to you:

• The Chinese Classics lines of liquid extracts and liquid concentrates which have been honoring tradition and assisting practitioners and schools for over 20 years. There are new traditional formulas, links to our Product Manual, the grand expansion of our line of individual herbal extracts and much more.

• The introduction of our Lifegate line of herbal products. For Far East Summit, the development of Lifegate represents a gateway into something deeper. We felt it very important to make Lifegate products and its’ unique view available to the non-practitioner so the Lifegate Health line was created. But, our professional customers should not be concerned as not only will they be able to purchase Lifegate Health products but also the newly created, practitioner only, Lifegate Clinical product line. Our plan is to expand these lines as soon and as often as possible and to continue to forge the Lifegate identity with Dao Earth philosophy and teachings. We have created a sister web site,, as a way to promote and present complementary materials/education.

• Our exciting brand new Dao Earth Tradition Collections line of products. This assortment of products will cover a variety of categories from books, audio/video selections, Acupuncture supplies, herbal products and much more. We hope you regularly check back to see what’s new in Dao Earth Traditions.

• As many of you know, Far East Summit has been manufacturing quality products and living by its Credo since 1998. A while ago, we made the big decision to move our production facilities outside of Eugene, Oregon and it has been very gratifying. As a result of the move, we feel very fortunate to be able to now manufacture in our own ‘company owned’ facility. The ability to change, add, alter, remodel without a landlord’s supervision allows Far East Summit to manufacture more efficiently than ever, control costs and still adhere to our local, State and Federal regulations and guidelines.As a result we have been able to establish the Golden Pearl Manufacturing services part of our website. Here you will be able to view more information on our manufacturing philosophy, procedures and perhaps have us create a unique product for you by utilizing our contract manufacturing or private label services.

It’s been a long time coming but our new website represents not only the end result of a lot of dedication and hard work from a group of people we now can call our friends but just the beginning of what Far East Summit has planned. If you made it this far, Thank You for listening. Whether you have happened upon us by chance or are here for a specific purpose, I hope you find our view, products and services effective, informative and worthy of a return visit.

To Good Health,

William Martin
Far East Summit


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