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Education & Resources

• Medicine in China: A History of Ideas by Paul Unschuld, University of California Press.
A comprehensive and analytical study of therapeutic concepts and practices in China. The author traces the history of documented health care from its earliest extant records to present developments.

• An interview with Paul Unschuld from Acupuncture Today:
Culture and politics and their influence on the growth of Asian medicine in the west

• Classical Chinese Medicine, A comparison between CCM & TCM, by Heiner Fruehauf

• Chinese Medicine in Crisis: Science, Politics, and the Makings of "TCM"
An article comparing CCM & TCM byHeiner Fruehauf.

• DIRECT TRANSMISSION: The Quest for the Heart in Classical Chinese Medicine
27-minute online video shares the faces and stories of several remarkable practitioners of classical Chinese medicine, people who are a living link to the treasures of the past

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