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Far East Summit: Refined Herbal Medicinals | Medicine is the Art of Humanity
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Healing in the Community

Far East Summit believes that Medicine is the Art of Humanity and that it is the Original Medicine within that will allow us to heal ourselves and our communities.

As stated in our Living Credo,

This company exists to alleviate pain and disease, to cultivate and improve life. Every action shall be measured by our success in achieving these goals. Medicine is always for the people. The Original Medicine is our first priority. We extend our experience and guidance of this Original Medicine to the doctors, practitioners, hospitals, clinics, families and all that use our products. Our products must be of the highest quality, our associations of the utmost integrity.

In our efforts to fulfill our view that Medicine is the Art of Humanity, Far East Summit offers the following for healing in the community and the development of Dao Earth culture:

Our Family of Dao Earth Products

Our refined Dao Earth herbal products have been designed to support practitioners in their clinics for the healing of their patients and our communities. Far East Summit donates product to select non-profit, donation-based drop-in clinics and helps stock dispensaries in needy communities to help advance healthcare services and community-based medicine.

Our sourcing preferences reflect our committment to supporting Dao Earth Traditions

We work with herbal suppliers who seek out local wildcrafters and growers, helping to sustain local economies and reinforcing the significance of preserving authentic Dao Earth herbal traditions.

Opening the Lifegate & Dao EarthWisdom

To support the establishment of a Dao Earth culture here in the West, Far East Summit founded Lifegate Institute to present and preserve methods of culivation for health, longevity, and spiritual realization. We encourage the opening of the "Dao of Life" within each individual through the restoration of Dao Earth wisdom which is necessary for the healing of our communities. Traditional self-cultivation and medical arts are an essential part of preventative medicine and recovering health. For this purpose, Far East Summit designed Lifegate Clinical and Lifegate Health products to help support lifeforce physiology.

Through Lifegate Institute's Dragon Spring Living Arts ~ Honoring Tradition, we bring focus to authentic teachers and lineages while preserving the wisdom arts for our future generations. We have also compiled a Dao Earth Events section with links to other contributors who are also working to uplift our communities through the traditional arts.

Mountain Way and Community

Far East Summit through Lifegate has developed Mountain Way products for nurturing and sustaining individuals and their communities who recognize and treasure the importance of living in harmony with heaven, earth and nature. For more information see Lifegate's Mountain Way of Life >>

Dao Earth and the Environment

In our role as a conscientious manufacturer we seek to be environmentally aware in all of our business activities:

• Facility carbon footprint 100% wind-generated power

• Marc from production batches is reintroduced into the earth as compost/fertilizer

• Bulk metal/plastic containers are all recycled

• Recycling and reusing our product packaging materials.

• Packaging materials recycled and reused

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