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About Our Dao Earth Product Lines

Chinese ClassicsChinese Classics

CHINESE CLASSICS® formulas are a full line of traditional Chinese 5:1 liquid extracts and an expanding line of 8:1 liquid concentrates, available only to licensed or certified healthcare professionals. These Classical Chinese formulas have been utilized by practitioners of Chinese medicine for thousands of years, and are still the basis for the study and practice of medicine in China and East Asia.

• 84 liquid extracts (5:1), available in 2-fl oz, as well as bulk 8-fl oz, and 32-fl. oz bottles.

• 38 liquid concentrates (8:1), available in 1- and 4-fl oz, as well as bulk 8-fl oz bottles.



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Individual Herbs

single herbs

This collection of individual herbs have been selected by our experienced staff of herbalists for their clinical usefulness to support practitioners in the treatment of their clients.

• 89 individual herbs in 8:1 liquid extract form

• Available in 4-fl oz bottles as well as bulk 8-fl oz and 32-fl oz. bottles.




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