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The View From the Summit

Far East Summit was founded in 1998, the year of the Earth Tiger, with the purpose of bringing authentic and efficacious refined herbal preparations to the field of natural medicine. Our goal is to work toward the development of a health care system capable of providing physicians with the tools to manage the care and recovery of their patients. We present our Dao Earth family of products & services in an effort to support the growth of a living Dao Earth culture in our communities.

Traditional medicine dates back thousands of years to the sages and cultivated physicians who developed a Dao Earth culture based on living harmoniously in the natural world. Over time, a healing system developed that included time-tested classical herbal formulas which became the foundation of a health care system that is still the basis for the study and practice of medicine in Asia today. Our Chinese Classics® line of products offers the health care practitioner a bridge into the history of Asian Medicine and a foundation for the practice herbal medicine in the West.

In addition to Chinese Classics, we have expanded our family of products to include Lifegate Clinical Products and Lifegate Health products, Mountain Way Self-Care products and Dao Earth Traditions Collection to assist those motivated in cultivating wisdom on the path of life.

Far East Summit seeks to contribute to the development of a culture where the importance of living in harmony with nature and each other is recognized as necessary to help heal our communities. We aspire to share with our culture a clear awareness of the Original Medicine that is within each of us to access the View from the Summit. We hope that leaders, teachers, business people, and most especially physicians, will act with deeper understanding. Awakening this wisdom within can alleviate unnecessary suffering and offer guidance and hope for future generations.


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