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About Product Concentration Formats


Our Dao Earth refined herbal products are the result of our unique Golden Pearl extraction methodology in both liquid and dry formats. Extract Bottle


Our liquid extracts are processed to retain essential oils, energetic activity, and formula function with the subtle taste of the five flavors. Our current Chinese Classics 5:1 formulas come in 84 different traditional formulas and are available in convenient, easy-to-carry dropper bottles. Effective for most patients. Available in 2-oz, 8-oz, and 32-oz sizes.







• Chinese Classics® (for professionals only)

Complete extraction liquid concentrates accentuate the nourishing herbal essence of the formula while preserving the five flavors and essential oils. Our liquid concentrates feature high herbal activity and increased extractable solids without compromising herbal function. Concentrates are best suited for those who can really appreciate herbal substance, taste, and experience. This 8:1 format is a very potent and concentrated herbal liquid with a light syrup-like consistency and is meant to be dispensed directly from a spoon or dissolved in hot water and consumed as a tea. Available in 1-oz, 4-oz, and 8-oz sizes.

concentrates• Chinese Classics®
(for professionals only)

• Lifegate Clinical Products
(for professionals only)

•Lifegate Health Products


Dry extracts offer the convenience of taking a prepared herbal medicine in veggie capsule or tablet form. Our Golden Pearl dry extracts are a result of our liquid extracts being dried on herb, not vegetable starches.

Capsule Format

• Lifegate Clinical Products
(for professionals only)
90 capsules

• Lifegate Health Products
60 capsules




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