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Pearl of Knowledge & Wisdom Golden Pearl Extracts Essence of Heaven & Earth

In Far East Summit’s efforts to produce superior herbal products our herbal staff and production team sampled many products of varying degrees of concentration over the years. In our research, we determined that the key to an effective therapeutic herbal product is first, to seek herbal function, and second, formula concentration.

Our herbal staff concluded that the traditional five flavors and the formula function, which includes the qi dynamic, are often compromised during most extraction processes—especially when herbs are processed to produce a product which yields high "solids in solution." In other words, it is not the amount of solids by themselves that is important, but the activity of those solids.

This research has led to the development of our Golden Pearl Extracts, an extraction process which produces our highly refined Dao Earth herbal products. Our Golden Pearl proprietary methodology preserves the essential oils that awaken the senses and retain the delicate balance of the traditional five flavors which influence the qi dynamic necessary to produce the specific energetic activity of each formula. When increased nourishing essence for supplementation is required, our phase processing and temperature controls allow for maximizing the extractable solids without compromising any herbal activity.

• Traditional Five Flavors:
Enhances Qi Dynamics

• Preserved Non-Degraged
Herbal Function
• Essential Oils:
Awakening the Senses

• Nourishing Herbal Essence

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