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About Therapeutics, Patient Compliance & Dosage

The preparation of herbal decoctions are frequently time-consuming, inconvenient, confusing, and often a messy task that can result in low patient compliance. While Chinese herbal medicine has always recognized the therapeutic importance of taste, modern herb processing often makes it difficult to maintain the traditional five flavors.

Far East Summit's Golden Pearl herb processing retains the therapeutics of the traditional five flavors while preserving herbal activity, supporting the qi dynamic of the formula necessary for effective patient care. The palatability of our extracts also supports higher patient compliance and their concentration makes for effective therapeutics. See the differences between our liquid, tablet and capsule extracts.

For our clinical lines, Chinese Classics & Lifegate Clinical, product usage is determined by patient constitution, the state of their righteous qi, any internal disharmony, and/or the degree of pathogenic factor. With any patterns of ill health, effective individual patient care requires strategic and interpretive skills on the part of the health care practitioner. Therefore knowledge and experience with the prescribed herbal product(s) is essential to the successful recovery or maintenance of health. In general, acute care herbal treatment requires more frequent administering and higher dosages. Chronic conditions require consistent treatment over a longer period of time at a reduced dosage and at regular daily intervals. Herbal extracts are most effective taken on an empty stomach. With certain patients or conditions, the health care practitioner may advise taking the product with a meal.

Individuals who have been cleared of major imbalances by their health care practitioner may choose to continue to use herbs to maintain health while living in a stressful world. We created Lifegate Health products and Mountain Way self-care products for this purpose.

Each of our Dao Earth products has a suggested dosage. Dosage guidelines on the label are for adults of average weight (150 pounds). Dosage should be adjusted proportional to body weight. Reduced dosages are recommended for children, the elderly, or individuals with digestive or energetic sensitivities.

The Differences Between Our Liquid, Tablet and Capsule Extracts

LIQUIDS: Effective extraction of herbal constituents along with other herbal constituents into a liquid solution enhances their bioavailability, making them immediately available for assimilation into the body. The result is a more efficient delivery system for the herb, including the added benefit of making the five flavors available, leading to improved results.

TABLETS: Compressed herbal tablets allow for our high concentration dry extracts to be taken for convenience or chewed to taste the herbal flavor. Tablets break down in the stomach faster than herbal capsules. No yeast or preservatives added.

CAPSULES: Veggie capsules provide a delivery system for our high concentration dry extracts for your convenience. No yeast or preservatives added. All capsules are gluten-free.

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