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Far East Summit: Refined Herbal Medicinals | Medicine is the Art of Humanity
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Our Living Credo

“Medicine is the art of humanity”

• This company exists to alleviate pain and disease, to cultivate and improve life. Every action shall be measured by our success in achieving these goals. Medicine is always for the people. The Original Medicine is our first priority. We extend our experience and guidance of this Original Medicine to the doctors, practitioners, hospitals, clinics, families and all that use our products. Our products must be of the highest quality, our associations of the utmost integrity.

• Orders will be filled promptly, efficiently, and accurately. Our distributors, brokers and vendors must make a reasonable profit.

• To those who work beside us, our employees, we have a loyalty and responsibility. They must feel that their positions are secure and that salaries and wages are fair. Management must be just and respectful. Hours reasonable and flexible to support the individual lifestyle. Working conditions clean and organized. An atmosphere for dissent, discussion and suggestion must exist. Avenues should be made available for personal growth and advancement-for those qualified. The individual will always have a place here, standing on their own merit, integrity and honesty.

• Management must be people of talent, education, experience and ability; human and passionate. Common sense is required.

• The communities, in which we work and live, must see the benefits of our labors. The company must be a good citizen; support good charities. The property where we work will be well maintained. We should always attempt to participate in education and health awareness. Our communities should continually be acquainted with our activities.

• We assume full responsibility to those partners holding an equity position. Our business must be sound and make a profit. Reserves created to continue progressive investigation. Errors must be paid for; adverse times provided for. New technology and machinery acquired, new products introduced and new sales and marketing plans developed and initiated. Never subdue new ideas or how their effectiveness is to be tested. After all these items are completed, our equity partners should receive a fair return.

• Our effort and ability in fulfilling each of the above responsibilities, obligations and promises, will determine the success of Far East Summit.

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